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We offer life saving products and services.These products are modern day chinese herbal drugs which vary in their various function as their packages differ. Many of these products are effective in Asthma, Bronchial infection, viral and bacterial infections, stress, body immunity, skin irritations, liver & kidney diseases, diabetes, infertility, tumor & cancerous growth, ulcers, indigestion, joint & arthritic pain, fatigue while others are preventing diarhea, infection, aging, as well as enhancing skin beauty. our simple network business channel flows in line with our sales and supply of these life saving products.for detailed enquiry on how to get your products and services, please contact us at
x 30 caps
Tasly Propolis Softgel capsule could help to improve elasticity of blood vessels, eliminate and prevent the pilling of contents on walls of vessels and lower the blood viscosity. It can regulate the blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It could help to balance the endocrine system, improve immunity and relieve fatigue. It strengthens the macrophage activity, antibody output, and therefore, protects people from different diseases.
x 30 caps
Royal Jelly Softgel Capsule is effective for improving body nutritional values. It helps to enrich the brain, therefore, it benefits for strengthen our memory. Also, it could help enhancing body immunity and rebuild the energy. It’s highly effective for strengthening the bone marrow system. Royal Jelly itself is full of Vitamins, proteins and SOD enzymes that have the functions of anti-fungus and anti-bacteria and makes skin smoother and more lustrous
mg x 30 caps
Tasly Propolis & Glossy Ganoderma Capsule is highly effective for regulating and activating the body natural immune system. It helps to strengthen blood function and improve leukocyte level. Also, it is highly effective for strengthening body’s own anticancer activity and the harmony among the body functions. It also helps cleaning the body from oxygen free radicals.
People of all ages can benefit from
500 mg x 30 caps
Propolis and Pollen capsule is effective for regulating body endocrine system and improving skin blood supply. It also strengthens the activity and metabolism of the skin. In addition, it is also helpful to prevent skin pigmentation and resist skin cancer. For males, it prevents hypertrophy of the prostrate as well. It also could protect liver from anemia and diabetes.
20ml / bottle
Tasly Propolis Syrup has strong effect on resisting germs and diminishing inflammation. It can kill many kinds of bacteria, epiphytes and virus to prevent infection. It also could accelerate wound healing and tissue recovery. It is highly effective for burned wounds. It has become an excellent choice to restore and repair the functions of inner organs such as treating indigestion, mouth and gastric ulcers and assisting in respiratory tract infections. Tasly Propolis also could make skin more beautiful and prevent it from getting old. In addition, it is also helpful for lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar level.
350 mg x 30 caps
It is proved clinically that Tasly Ginseng Rh2 can increase leukocyte levels in 2-3 days after administration. It can notably control the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells while reducing the incidence of cancer. Promote the synthesis of DNA and RNA and improve the body immunity.
1500mg x 20
Pollen Tea helps improving immune ability, delaying aging, balancing metabolism, keeping fit, reducing blood fat, beautifying the skin, adjusting incretion, promoting sleep and getting rid of tiredness. It is a natural healthy beverage without any pollution and side effect.
1500mg x 20
Tasly DanShen tea is recommended commonly for adults and for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood cholesterol, and cardiac muscle oxygen shortage. It has prominent effects in decreasing blood cholesterol and improving muscle oxygen intake. It improves blood circulation, protects platelet aggregation and the damage of cardiac muscle cells due to blood and oxygen shortage. At the same time it can prevent and assist in the treatment of cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases.
250mg x 30 caps
Protect microcirculation, avoid platelet aggregation, decrease blood lipids, activate blood and relieve pain
300mg x 6 caps
King’s capsule is a successful combination of precious herbs such as Ginseng, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Fructus Lycii etc.
500mg x 60 caps
Tasly Omega-3 Fatty Acid Capsule has been proven to be vitally important in human health, growth and development
500mg x 60 caps
It is effective for Respiratory and cardiovascular patients. It can also successfully assist in the treatment of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Helpful for cancer patients and for those easily fatigued.
500mg x 90
The well-balanced estrogen leads to the healthy and beautiful life of females. Low levels of estrogen causes skin laxity, menstrual turbulence, low sexual desire, loss of emotions etc. So females have to maintain a balanced estrogen level in order to keep good health and to prevent aging and Tasly Phytoestrogen Capsule is the best choice
8 pics
China & Japan have shown that TASLY DE-TOXIN SHEET can extract internal dampness and expel harmful waste from the body. This reduces, or eliminates, the various illnesses to allow the body to function normally.De-Toxin Sheet is effective for Shoulder and neck pain, Sore waist and back pain, Sore legs, Knee pain and swollen legs, Swollen joints with Arthritic Pain, Sprains, Contusions, Rheumatic pains, Muscle aches, Varix, Menstrual pain, Sciatica, Foot perspiration, Foot odors, etc.Regular application stimulates dry skin (Especially rough surfaces in the sole area), enhance the retention of moisture, and recovers smooth and glowing skin.
RT – 2007
It has automatic mode and manual mode, simply to operation and convenient to use. Protruding-shape design is used on waist and neck.. this product can be used in summer and winter. Safe voltage is used and has mobile 12V transformer.
RT – D006
The product can produce high-speed eddy current build up with clockwise rotation due to the effect of spiral translation massage. On the condition of invariable cardiac load, the product can promote blood circulation and metabolism and supply magnetic energy, run Qi and blood, join veins and arteries and adjust body function
RT – Q010
low noise, can be used on whole body and convenient to operation
500mg x 30
Diabetes is a condition in which body is unable to regulate the blood glucose level, resulting in too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. There are mainly two types of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Bitter Melon Powder can reduce blood sugar and blood lipid, improve metabolism and immunity, and be used in assistant treating subsequent complications of diabetes Type I and II.
4g x 10
400mg x 60
A1 capsule is a compound herbal product. And it’s proved to be effective in assisting immunity deficiency. A1capsule is exclusive herbal product improving immunity deficiency, which makes it effective, no side effect and toxicity.
100 tablet/ Bottle
Cen Forte is made up of all the elements of minerals and vitamins required for human body. Because of scientific formulation, it can keep the balance of nutrition of healthy body!
Iron is called the ‘energy giver’. It attracts oxygen and builds blood. Iron can be found in trace amounts in every organ. Iron is one of the most common deficiencies in men as well as women, although women require more Iron than men because of their menstrual cycle. Without sufficient Iron, the body can’t manufacture enough new hemoglobin (the red-cell protein that transports oxygen in blood). Iron helps the body rid itself of carbon dioxide and keeps liver tissue soft. Iron combines with other nutrients to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism, digestion, elimination, and circulation. Vitamin C improves Iron’s absorption.
500mg x 60
Hyperlipidemia, usually found in elderly people, is a disease caused by lipid metabolic disorder that requires long-term treatment. Hyperlipidemia is a major cause of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and cerebral apoplexy.
250mg x 30cap
Cardiotonic Pill can prevent and treat coronary arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris; it has effects in the vasodilatation of the coronary arteries, at the same time it has good effects on Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, balancing HDL and LDL levels and old age related hypertension.
37g/ roll on bottle
Nano Cooling Gel can give you a fast remedy from pains and is easy to use and fast drying with stain free Ideal for use in office and after exercise. It is an effective topical gel for immediate pain relief by relaxing your muscles and giving you a cool icy sensation with arrogant smell of natural mint. Peppermint oil’s relaxing action extends to topical use. When applied topically, it acts as an analgesic and reduces pain. This product can be used for relieving pain like headache, back and neck strains moving towards shoulder.
4g X 20 sachets
It is excellent for relieving various headaches by dual effects (overcoming the cause and symptom as well) and rapidly improving micro-blood circulation in the brain. Thus effectively reduces occurrence of headache
Tummy relief, a combination of natural products, is highly effective for stomach discomfort, including stomach pain, acid regurgitation, belching and indigestion etc.. It gives a fresh cooling effect.
Absence of calcium in the body results in low body immunity, collagen diseases, chronic rheumatic arthritis, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, migraine, diabetes, obesity and hypertension like diseases. At the same time it is effective for excessive sweating, anorexia, insomnia. The high content of calcium and easy absorption has made Tasly Milk Calcium Tablets an outstanding product of modern times. Addition of Vitamin D makes Tasly Milk Calcium tablets more nutritious
They cooperate with each other, regulate metabolism, maintain the health of skin and muscle, improve the function of immune system and nerve system, and enhance the cell growth and division (including enhancing the production of red blood cell, preventing anemia).
The new Tasly T-KS cosmetic series products are made from the 100% natural wild silk peptide solution as the basic ingredients, which contain rich amino acids and special protein, including Moisture lotion, Moisture Cream, Eye Cream, Nourishing Lotion, and Face washing Foam to make your skin smooth and fell like real silk.
Tasly Heath Pads is designed for women and shaped to give more comfort, which is more antibacterial effective. Replace new sanitary towel every 2 hours.
antibacterial,stop itch,deodorization,protect skins
beautify and protect skin,antibacterial,stop itch

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