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chinese herbal treatment

C-TRONS INFO TECH COMMUNIQUE(CTIC) has been in the dissipation of life

saving information for two years now or more and are saying to a our

customers all over the world, thanks for your patronage all these while.

Life is as essential as wealth is as necessary. The combination of

Chinese health care products in life sustainable programs is amazing in

the treatment and control of diseased patient, while we recommend San

Paolo brands of wines to relax after a day hard labor and toil for

income/food. We refuse to stop there alone, we also have in our storage

facilities here in Lagos, Nigeria, in packs and cartons, as well as

container loads, CHOCOLATE CANDY BARS, ranging from varieties of peanut,

coconuts, biscuits flavors. This wide distribution of MARS CHOCOLATE

CANDIES are managed by BULLDOG Nigeria PlC, known to distribute beyond

your wildest dreams. TASLY Nigeria, a subsidiary of the Chinese

pharmaceutical, KASLY Beijing China, has made available to you, Life

sustaining drugs which have been proven very effective in the world as a

whole at large. We are multi-level marketers with the concept of earning

for you while you keep fit and stay well in Tasly health care domain. We

still cant stop at that because the CEO of CTIC insist in selling his

personal quality to the world, which is his flares in repairs,

maintenance, servicing and installation of machines. These machines can

be any as long as it is an AC or DC operated machines. They ranged from

electrical machines like the computer systems, Power inverters, solar

power generation, diagnosis machines, Health vibrating machines, Laptops

computers, cell and mobile phones etc and mechanical like power boosting

generators, miniseries car engines, locomotive grounding machine etc.. It

does not stop at that, we also fix up these at your specific demand and

time. Is this all? No we can make available to you all the reasons for a

website you might not know and at an affordable cost get a site that will

serve for as long as you demand. contact us now

email: chimithen @


Phone: +2348033611454/ +60146379718



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