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TASLY is a chinese owned pharmaceutical company creating health and achieving future by selling its products through the multi level strategies.
The products are so efficient in such a way that even the USA FDA gives approval to their usage in USA and WHO has given credit to them, the international standardization etc have given full support and credit to our products.

T reatment
A wards
S upplements
L eadership
Y outhfulness


DIST. REG. No.: 23135420

I am using this medium to reach out to you about TASLY AFRICA, the best Multi – Level marketing (MLM) company in Nigeria. We aim at creating health and wealth, achieving future.

STEP ONE: To Become a member
Are you recommended by another person of the unique Tasly products?
Do you feel the benefit of the products?
So why don’t you also get more benefit from the business while enjoying our products, so try it, join us as a member so you can earn 20% retail Profit immediately.

STEP TWO: To enjoy the benefit
You start to get the benefit from both the products and business; now when your Personal Business Volume (PBV) reaches 100 BV, you will earn 5% bonus of your PBV and also the BV of your down lines who is below the level of senior member of the month plus retail profits.
So do more, recommend the products and business to others, and when your PBV reaches 300 BV you will get 20% of your own purchase and 0%- 20% of your down line purchase monthly.

• Bonuses are collected faster, reliably.(Retail profit, Direct bonus, leadership bonus, fast developing award and honorable award-tourism, brand car, villa)
• You move to the top of the ladder faster than possible in any other MLM.
• Our products are very efficient and life supporting, as well as marketable.
• You have a chance to get a Car Award (in Level 7 and Health Rank Star 2)…

The taste of the Pudding is in its eating.

No single TASLY AFRICA distributor who knows the onus of the business will tell you he or she regrets becoming a member of TASLY AFRICA.

In TASLY AFRICA its always goodness, success, bonuses, collection, advancement, progress.

Experience financial freedom as you move up the ladder.

Now you know why TASLY is better and easier.
Join the moving train.
In TASLY you are sure of your DESTINATION.



  1. Hi. I would like to start using your products but I hardly find distributors around my area. Could you please help me to find one. I’m currently staying around johannesburg.
    Thank you

    1. Before we can get accustomed to these symptoms of yours, we need to know what you are acquinted with and if any of these are you, please email us at the email provided in the contact us spot. Thanks.

      1. Smoking
      2. Irregular and quick diet
      3. Love excessive salt
      4. lack of exercise at all
      5. state please if any others are involved not mentioned here

      Thanks and God bless

  2. I am a member, who got used you products but you had an office in Kisumu Kenya
    but you later closed the office. Then we have been getting it from Nairobi, you also closed
    down the office. Now how you and the products to give our customers who were used to the products

    1. Hello Rumona,

      As you must know, i am a member like yourself who has devoted this page for the continual aid to those whose main offices has shut down or who needs the product in any part of Africa or the world at large. One thing i can assure you is you can get the products fro anywhere in the world but i must remind you that you will be responsible for the shipping, afterall that is one of the advantages of online marketing we always read and learn about…

    1. Hello Thully,

      I wish i can assure you of the presence of Tasly-Kasly in Johannesburg but i cannot cause i am registered with the Lagos Office, Nigeria. I can assure you, if the products you need are very much urgent, we can ship off to you as long as you handle the shipping, we provide the products only. Thank you for your visitation and hope you have a great day too.

  3. plz I do ve dis chest pain Nd side waist pain for sum time now Nd I’ve tried d normal medication but to no avail. plz I wld like to know d proper medication to use wit ur product Nd ur office DAT seems to be close cos I base in Aba here in Nigeria. God bless

    1. Chest pain can be attributed to a lot of things; cold, excessive weight, smoking, and many more. Visit one of the Tasly Store Outlet for a proper test. contact us for more information.

    1. For male, we have the Kings capsule and for women, i could suggest Phytoestrogen… These are just suggestions anyway, infertility can be caused by a lot of factors that these medications might not handle. suppose there is Bacterial infections present, then you will have to visit one of our tasly stores for proper analysis.

    1. Please visit one of our Tasly centers. Do you have any around you, if not contact us via the page and we can send you all the details you need.

  4. Please,I have a sister that has cancer of the breast&I’ve undergo masterectomy & also through with chemo,about to go for radiotherapy before gotten the information of your product. If she take up your product from there & didn’t go for the radiotherapy,will she be okay totally. Did you have any case like that in the past that is fully okay & continue living?

    1. This is the case for a professional practitioner in the field of medicine and surgery. In my opinion anyway, since the chemotherapy is in progress, get it completed and then i can recommend the A1 capsules for damaged cells replenishment and other products as well.

  5. I urgently need Tasly products for my mum.I am in Nyeri -Kenya.How can I get them now. Please reply through my email.

    1. We are based in Lagos Nigeria, it will require shipping. Send us a detailed product enquiry from the contact us page. Thank you.

    1. Hello Annie,

      You dont need to pay a dime to become a member of tasly.
      Due to these fact, many people have joined and stay lukewarm, which is not our goal.
      As a member for a long time, i recommend you read up on the tasly Business and get acquinted with the marketing principles we uphold.

      Thank you for visiting us and sorry for the delay in response.

  6. I need to join Tasly company and I also need ur products like desperately. Pls get back to me soo as u get this msg.

  7. I am based in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. How can I join Tasly?

    Also, do you have products for the treatment of glaucoma, poor libido, erectile dysfunction and low sperm count? If yes, what is the cost and how can one get it?

    Kindly reply through my email. Thank you.


    1. Hello Mr Gabriel, i am sorry i cannot give you all the answer you seek right now, but i promise to do that as soon as i can make time from my schedules. In the mean time, i strongly recommend you visit an enlighten blog that holds close to 90% of the answer you seek.

      Go to Tasly Health Products for more.

      i apologise for my haste. Thank you for your time.

    1. You will need to make a commitment to be a Tasly member. Send me your whatsapp or text number for details in this regards.

  8. Where can I get your product and store at Anambra State precisely at Awka.Because I need to be tested before any medication.

    1. I have emailed you privately for more details. If still pending, send me an SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram @ +2348109890819

  9. my daughter has polycystic kidneys I need ,U&E results still normal , which tasly medication I can use for her , she is 21 years old Im also interested in joining tasly

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