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Company Profile
Basic Information
Company Name: Tasly Africa
Product/Services: Health care products
Number of Employees: Above 1000 People
Ownership & Capital Year Established: 1985
Since our establishment, tasly completed modern TCM industrial chain which can meet the international criteria in 9 years, holding the faith of “harmonizing human and nature, improving the quality of life”. To promote the progress of globalization of TCM, tasly kasly established an Ramped platform covering territories and industries with the world-famous Ramped institutes, acquired the GMP certificate of Australia, and built a marketing network in western Europe, North America, Africa, middle-east, …
We offer life saving products and services as well as poverty alleviation programme in our simple networking channel which flows in line with our sales and supply of these life saving products.
for detailed enquiry on how to get your id number, please contact us with the below address or check the online head office website for full details.
N.B: To purchase any goods from the tasly africa world, you will need the underlisted id number as a point of contact which will warrant either your registration or your purchase from the head office.
We can receive payments on behalf of the company but we insist you enquire about the id number and its contact or rather call for full details, this is because we have lots of fraudulent scams using our products. Most dont have id though which makes them a scam so even with an id number, we insist you do your initial deal direct with the head office going alongside with you the full details listed below, as contact.

ID. No.: 23135420
PHONE: +2348033611454/+60146379718
POST ADD: 2, Aliu Street, Off Liasu Road,Egbe, Lagos State.
CONT. ADD: 34 Liasu road, Egbe, Lagos State.
POST CODE: 11041

For further enquiry on products and marketing services
Tasly World (Nigeria) Co. Ltd.
Add: plot 22c akin ogunlewe st. off ligali ayorinde st. victoria island, lagos


2 thoughts on “COMPANY PROFILE

    1. call the head office as the mobile number is indicated here on this blog and ask specifically telling them where you are in Togo and what you will need the products for. We surely love to work with good information. Thank you and God bless.

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