TASLY is a chinese owned pharmaceutical company creating health and achieving future by selling its products through the multi level strategies. The products are so efficient in such a way that even the USA FDA gives approval to their usage in USA and WHO has given credit to them, the international standardization etc have given full support and credit to our products.

We are using this medium to reach out to you about TASLY AFRICA, the best Multi – Level marketing (MLM) company in Nigeria. We aim at creating health and wealth, achieving future.






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STEP ONE: Become a Member

Are you recommended by another person of the unique Tasly products? Do you feel the benefit of the products? So why don’t you also get more benefit from the business while enjoying our products, so try it, join us as a member so you can earn 20% retail Profit immediately.

STEP TWO: Enjoy the benefit

You start to get the benefit from both the products and business; now when your Personal Business Volume (PBV) reaches 100 BV, you will earn 5% bonus of your PBV and also the BV of your down lines who is below the level of senior member of the month plus retail profits.

STEP THREE: Recommend to others

So do more, recommend the products and business to others, and when your PBV reaches 300 BV you will get 20% of your own purchase and 0%- 20% of your down line purchase monthly. Bonuses are collected faster, reliably.(Retail profit, Direct bonus, leadership bonus, fast developing award and honorable award-tourism, brand car, villa) You move to the top of the ladder faster than possible in any other MLM. Our products are very efficient and life supporting, as well as marketable. You have a chance to get a Car Award (in Level 7 and Health Rank Star 2)…

TASLY Kasly Pharmaceuticals, a China based pharmaceutical company focused in used natural herbs to eliminate deadly treats in illnesses, imbalances and toxins from your body with little or no damage to your present cells or change in your cell structure.

All the way from Beijing China, this is made available to you: Life sustaining medications and health benefiting herbal tea which have been proven to be effective, you just have to give it try.

We having bought the franchise recommends that you give it a trial and see where you can fix yourself in, as a client or an earner. Both ways brings about gain, that is why our motor still stands – HEALTH IS WEALTH.

  • Tasly is the model of Modern TCM manufacturer and ranks at the top among more than 6000 TCM manufactures in China according to the official top ranking board in the past 3 years.
  • 2nd August 2002 Tasly Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  • There are more then 200 million people in worldwide taking TASLY products everyday.
  • There are more then 100 thousand people consuming TASLY products in Malaysia.
  • There are more then 10,000 hospital’s using our products in China.
  • TASLY products also can be found in Pharmacy and nutrition supplement store in China.
  • The first Chinese Modern TCM enterprise that achieved the USA FDA-IND approval.
  • Tasly products have been used in oversea countries including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, UAE, Russia, America, Brazil, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Africa countries, etc.
  • Practicing International Standard 6 G’s, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GCP (Good Clinical Practice), GAP (Good Agriculture Practice), GEP (Good Extraction Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GSP (Good Supply Practice).


You think you can make it tall,
But first you’ve got to start a fall.
(2006.. Richard  T. C. Chijioke)

The taste of the Pudding is in its eating. No single TASLY AFRICA distributor who knows the onus of the business will tell you he or she regrets becoming a member of TASLY AFRICA.In TASLY AFRICA its always goodness, success, bonuses, collection, advancement, progress. Experience financial freedom as you move up the ladder. Now you know why TASLY is better and easier. Join the moving train. In TASLY you are sure of your DESTINATION.


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    1. Yes my dear, King Capsule is not a chemical stimulant like the erection pills in pharmaceutical stores but simple herbal treatment remedy that tackles the source of the weakness and focus on healing it as the body allows. We recommend constantly avoiding a kind of life style and maintaining a balanced diet as well as allowing yourself constant fluidity in the body, please allow the medicine to work gradually and not rush off immediately for some quickie. Patience is how herbs heal and they heal for real and not chemical inductions that even help in gradual weakness of the penal muscles contraction and erection.

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