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Tasly Kasly Nigeria having brought you all of tasly products and a marketing opportunity to distribute and earn an income, we are asking you too stay connected with our system to get your business an online front.

You don’t have to do nothing if you have no idea how to put your present your business in the online front, we only ask for meagre =N200 for any products we help you sell online. This offer is available for only the first 100 tasly suppliers, others will have to contact us for extra charges.

If you are online sarvy and can manage your own online front, great you can simply pay the full package of owning domain, hosting and content writing and creation. We will be lenient with the charges, contact us for more details.

If you have never heard about tasly health products, well visit our About section.


4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Please my mum has been diagonised of cervical cancer stage 3 and we got to know about ur product last week Monday and we have been on this drugs TASLY GINSENG RH2 CAPSULE. MISS BEE PROPOLIS &GLOSSY GANODERMA CAPSULE. TASLY I-Cleasing Capsule. TASLY icp.but she is still bleeding and looks pale please what do I need to do next ur urgent reply would be appreciated

    1. Please take your mom to a professional, i envisage you started the use of the medication a bit late into her cancer stage. Let them administer any needed surgical procedure required, what RH2 will do is diminish the cancerous cells.

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